Nouveau Pearl Ring

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Offers comfortable fit without compromising style. Individually handmade beautiful hammered, 14k rolled gold ring set with cabochon 3mm Pearls.

Classic style, Made for stacking and mixing and matching with your other rings, this cute style features five freshwater cultured pear stones set on an uncomplicated 14k rolled gold band.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are one of the earliest gemstones found by prehistoric peoples, most likely along the coastline of India. They’ve been used for personal adornment and coveted by humans throughout the globe for hundreds of thousands of years.

Pearls are one of a few natural or organic gemstones (others include coral, amber, jet and mother-of-pearl). Produced by the pearl oyster and the freshwater pearl mussel, natural pearls are a small irritant within the oyster or mussel which has been coated with nacre to reduce that irritation. Concentric layers of nacre (composed mostly of the mineral aragonite) create the subtle iridescence and illusion of visual depth in pearls (called “pearlescence”).

Natural or “wild” pearls are rare and valuable so most pearls today are cultured. Saltwater and freshwater mollusks are collected and a small shell bead placed inside. Saltwater oysters can usually only generate a single cultured pearl at a time, while the much larger freshwater mussels can produce up to 20–which is why freshwater pearls are much less expensive. The mollusks are then returned to the water where they make the pearl. Layers of calcium carbonate are secreted, coating the piece of shell, to form a spherical, oblong or irregular-shaped (or “baroque”) pearl. It takes roughly 3 to 7 years for mollusks to produce a single pearl. The color of the pearl varies depending on the type of mollusk. (The oysters and mussels that make the pearls are not related to the edible varieties of oysters and mussels.)

Most natural and cultured freshwater pearls are found in the waters of Japan, China and the South Seas; however, many are harvested along the coasts of Australia and the rivers of Austria, France, Scotland and Ireland. Cultured freshwater pearls are also grown along the Mississippi River in the United States.

Our jewellery is bespoke and made to order. Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous care. The silver and gold components are of the best quality and are custom made. We use natural gemstones, each piece of our jewellery is unique. Gemstones may have a subtle difference in colour and formation.

Explore the dazzling unique range of high-quality, superb jewellery collections are made by our dedicated jewellery designers in a variety of exquisitely sophisticated and enchanting designs. Choose from a wide variety of alluring styles, including a choice selection of rings with gold embellishments. Limited edition rings set with semi-precious stones, necklaces, earrings and more.

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Hammered Gold Pearl Ring. beautiful sterling hammered 14k rolled gold set with Pearls. Black Spinel Pearl Necklace

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  1. Peggy

    My ring is beautiful but then all there jewelry is gorgeous

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